Thursday, April 4, 2013

Choosing A Paint Color To Personalize Your Front Door

One of the most eye-catching ways to boost your home's curb appeal is to add a new fun color to the front door. It's the focal point to your front entry and is what welcomes your guests inside. The question is "What color will look best on my front door"? Here is a great place to let your personality shine!

Will you pick a seasonal trendy color or choose more of a neutral or the basic chosen colors for doors (white, black, red, green)? Also, will you choose a high-gloss paint with a shine and easy cleaning or a matte that will be a bit duller but perfect for the non-showy type. Take a step back and take a look at your home's exterior. Pick a color that will mix with the trim color and brick, stone or siding that frame it.
Playing it safe and sticking to the neutrals
The White Door
Benjamin Moore’s sophisticated white opulence (OC-69) paint color beautifully envelops this front door.
image via Benjamin Moore
The Black Door
Simple Spring Porch Makeover
The classic yet bold Red Door
As in early America and feng shui, red means "Welcome"
A Deep Grey Door, Porch And Columns 
Trendy spring and summer color, The Turquoise Door
image via Laurey W. Glenn featured at Southern Living
Bright and Sunny Yellow Door
A Dark Blue Door
 image via On Sutton Place

An Olive Green Door

The Purple Door
The Orange Door
Instead of the expected red, step outside of the norm by painting your door orange for a
warm, fun, and vibrant look.
images above and below via Better Homes and Gardens
Last but not least, The Wood Door: for those that would never consider putting paint on the front door.
Bring visual interest to the front door by painting the trim a fun new color and lay down a new door mat and potted plants.
Are you planning to paint your front door yourself? Here are a few tips from the DIY Network: Remove and clean the door, prep the door, apply primer and last painting the door.

Sometimes little changes can make all the difference when trying to liven up a drab entry. Few things transform an entry more dramatically than changing the color on the front door. Whether you are more reserved or bold and daring, you can "Wow" that front porch with a new color that suits your style. Toss a few new planters with potted flowers to add a punch of color and a chair or two to offset the color you've chosen.
What color might you consider painting your front door to transform your entry?


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