Monday, March 11, 2013

Paint Traditions... How much color is for you?

Flipping Your Paint Tradition
When looking for a quick way to add a punch of fun color, Paint the ceiling anything but white...
Paint your ceiling a bright color while leaving your walls white or in neutral hues. Bring the color down into the space with coordinating accessories like window-coverings, rugs, pillows and display pieces.

This room just wouldn’t be the same without that gorgeous warm color of this orangey-red ceiling. It’s just so striking. Painting your ceiling with a darker color will make your room visually feel lowered, giving your space an intimate and cozy feeling.

Paint the walls and moldings the same color but make the ceiling and doors pop with contrast. grey ceiling, neutral walls... a beautiful contrast!

Colorful ceilings look especially great in kids’rooms

Bring 2013 color of the year into the home. Paint the ceiling emerald and work some fabulous green shades into the room. Pillows that speak to you, this room reflects the perfect mix of colors and patterns.
Design Tip: Be cautious when you punctuate the room with color. Color is more powerful then you think. Highlight with well placed color in small amounts to make a huge impact. Follow the 80/20 rule for an amazing but not over bearing result!
(color 20% ~ neutral 80%)
Would you add color to your ceiling? If yes, What color would you choose?

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