Friday, April 20, 2012

How To Brighten Up A Drab Room...

Spring Screams For Color... Lively Colors To Bring Life To Your Winter Decor Full Of Calming Browns And Cool Shades!

Paint is the easiest and cheapest way to reinvent your room with a big impact. Go with a color you love that makes you feel happy when in your sight. There is no need to paint the
entire room, sometimes an accent wall is all you need. Let the sunshine in... The Overall feel and look of a room changes with some natural light. Don't look past the floors, Painting the floor is one of the quickest and most powerful makeovers. Go with color or maybe a unique design.

It would be wonderful if we could change out our furniture to coordinate with the seasons. While it's not always practical or budget friendly, there are many ways to add new color and patterns without putting yourself in debt. Brightly colored throw pillows are one of the simplest ways to add some spring pizazz to your winter color scheme. A slipcover is a lovely option to change up your decor with the seasons by transforming your furniture with color or even a new pattern.

Swap out heavy winter rugs for a light seagrass wicker. Add inexpensive accessories like sleek glass bowls and vases that you can fill with colorful fruit or flowering branches and paint old lamps to freshen up a room. Get out there on a Saturday afternoon and stop by a few yardsales. You will be surprised what you'll find and create with a bit of imagination and a touch of paint. Lighten up on the window coverings or even go without if you have privacy where you live.

Photo via Wedding fresh - source Southern Living

Add fresh cut flowers to vases to fill the home with instant color and a sweet fragrance too. Saving tip... Always have enough fresh flowers by planting a special garden with all your favorites. An area where you can go for all your fresh cut blooms throughout the seasons.

Photo via House Of Turquoise

How do you brighten up your home when you transition from Winter to Spring?


  1. Thanks for the post loaded with so many information on wall paint.Stopping by your blog helped me to get what I was looking for.

  2. I have redecorated my home by applying different types sofa covers since I also like looking at them in a variety of moods once in a while. I would also try to repaint my home but I have to ask my sister’s opinion if that would be okay, since painting is not my forte. Thanks for the idea!