Friday, September 30, 2011

Pet's On Furniture...

Do You Allow Your Pet's On The Furniture?

Deluxe Comfort Cover - Sofa Pet Throw (Featured Above): Perfect way to protect furniture from pet wear and tear and are odor resistant with "Sanitized" protective finish.

Many of us feel differently on this topic. As animals become recognized as beloved family members, more animal owners are sharing their living space with their pets. Our furry friends in the home that has squeezed there way into our hearts and are now part of the family. It's difficult looking into those adorable faces and not allowing them to sit next to us on the furniture. We secretly love them laying next to us just as much as they do.

We at Sure Fit have pet friendly homes in mind. It can be a bit of a challenge to decorate and design easily. Pets love us to pieces but they are prone to leaving behind hair and dirty paw prints all over those beautiful pieces of furniture.

For many pet owners their dogs, cats and other furry or feathered friends are a part of the family. They have free run of the house and make themselves at home, just as the two-legged members of the household. But reality sets in pretty quickly, as they can cause a mess. Here are some tips for keeping your pet-filled home as clean and attractive as possible:

  •  Vacuuming has become a huge part of our everyday ritual.

  • Choosing a fabric that matches your pets fur.

Soft Suede Sofa Pet Throw (Featured Above): easy to apply and removable, budget-friendly way to protect your furniture from pet fur or stains.

  • Give them a piece of furniture all to himself and cover with a machine washable pet throw or stylish slipcover that matches with your decor style.

  • Purchase a dog bed that fits with your color scheme and the design style of the room.

Soft Suede Relaxed One Piece (Featured Above): Instantly add updated styling.

Slipcovers are not only trendy and fashionable, they are a blessing for pet lovers. Mostly due to them being machine washable.

Twill Supreme (Featured Above): Our Toughest Pet-Friendly Fabric

Helpful training tip: Did you know your pets may choose to sleep and shed on your favorite recliner or pillow simply because it smells like you. Consider giving them one of your personal blankets, pillows or even a t-shirt you've worn where you want them to lay.

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