Thursday, March 4, 2010

Are you looking to sell your home? Top Ten Home Improvements for Reselling.

1. Clean/ De-clutter--Keep your home very clean during open house!
2. Yard/ lawn care--Keep your lawn mowed and landscaping neat and tidy...Curb appeal attracts buyers!
3.  Brighten and Lighten--Replace any lightbulbs that have burnt out with higher wattage bulbs. Keep your curtains or drapes open and let the natural light in.
4.  Staging--Consider hiring a staging consultant~Cover your worn or tired furniture with slipcovers to freshen and give your rooms a modern look. Buy some live plants or fresh flowers to liven up your home.
5.  Paint Interior--Repair any holes, cracks, and chips on your interior walls. Touch up and paint walls in a neutral color palette.
6.  Carpeting--Shampoo or spot removal when carpets are slightly soiled.
7.  Flooring--refinish or repair damaged floors~if needed cover with a neutral colored wall to wall carpet.
8.  Plumbing or Electrical--Repair or replace if plumbing or electrical is defective or not up to code.
9.  Update Kitchen and Bath--Since these two rooms are big selling points they should be updated~if needed resurface cabinets or paint with a neutral color. In the Bath ~replace toilet seats drawer handles and any outdated lighting fixtures.
10. Paint Exterior--Resurface or repaint outside walls of your home. Be sure to repair and patch any damaged areas.

---Please feel free to add any additional tips to help anyone who is considering selling their home!!

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